Date:January 18, 1996

The following is not a syllabus for Purim. It is simply a checklist or an overview to which you may want to add items or interpretations.

Each item can be dealt with at a different level. For example, a lesson(s) about the story of Purim in Grade 1 will be very different from a lesson in Grade 6 or 10, both in terms of the subject matter the detail and the level of sophistication.

The fact that you choose to teach about Purim means that you or your school, has an explicit or implicit rationale that justifies its inclusion in the school curriculum or the particular syllabus (subset of curriculum) in which it is found.

It is suggested you make sure you have some broad goals in mind when teaching about Purim and some specific objectives or outcomes for each lesson or unit. This should give your teaching and your pupils a focus. It should also assist in your and their motivation. It will probably also help you assess whether you have achieved what you set out to do.

Here is the Dr.’s prescription, which you can take in the doses you decide, if at all!


Parashat Zachor Amalek, Connection with Purim.
Ta’anit Esther (Fast of Esther) Date, reason, manner of observance.
The Story of Purim History or Myth?
Purim in Halacha The Seven Mitzvot of Purim (including the 4 M’s):
Megilla (ritual aspects, blessings, letter format, time of reading, obligation of women)
Mesiba (Seuda),
Mishloach Manot,
Matanot La’evyonim,
K’riat HaTorah,
Al Hanissim,
Prohibition on Fasting and Eulogies
Other Customs of Purim Half Shekel, Fancy dress, Gregger, Ad de lo yada
Shushan Purim Date, Reasons, Today - especially in Jerusalem , (On Shabbat, 3 days Purim)
Local Purims Purim Mizraim, Purim Frankfort etc.
Modern Day Messages of Purim Life in the Diaspora
Divine Providence
Place of alcohol in Jewish life - The Golden Mean
Intermarriage, Conversion
Joy in Judaism
The place of Women in Judaism
Purim in the Talmud, Midrash, Medieval and Modern Jewish/Hebrew Literature.





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