Purimspiels & Where to Find Them

1. Background: On Purimspiels and Plays

It is generally thought that Purim parodies began as rhyming declamations in the 12th century, graduating to parodial tractates and books in the 13th and 14th centuries – and from there into plays in the 16th century. They may, however, have a far more sinister origin in the custom of hanging and beating of an effigy of Haman in the late Roman Empire (5th century), which were recounted by the Church as real crucifixions and served as the grounds for antisemitic attacks on synagogues and Jews.

The chronological context of the Purim parody's development would have been the stylised drama and morality plays of the Middle Ages, as well as other customs related to folk theater in various countries - such as strolling players and the more informal comi-religious dramatic troupes of "Mummers" (entertainers), clowns and bards, whose performances were held in wealthy private homes, in return for a fee. Parallels in the development of the Purimspiel can justifiably be drawn with the manifestations and trappings of the Carnivale in southern Europe.

From satirical treatises on Purim and absurd Talmudical pilpul, in medieval Italy and Southern France, there appears to be a development into grotesque parodies in the mid-17th century. In Yiddish theater particularly, Purim plays and spiels developed over four centuries into inter-connected and distinctive genres, retaining the flavor of and subject matter related to Jewish community life in northern and eastern Europe. 

The recognizably modern Purimspiel emerged in its dramatic-musical format in the 19th century, in Germany, influenced by opera and the changing perceptions of Jewish community life in western Europe. The subject matter similarly became westernized, both socially and politically: sometimes the spiel was almost indistinguishable from the formal Purim play or musical.

Since then, Purimspiels – whether in their minimalistic spoofs or at their most bombastic performances – have also tended to satirize contemporary political culture while continuing to take in the musical culture of their day – from opera through rock and pop to hip-hop. Whether amateur or professional, they have moved far from their theological and folkloristic origins, but continue to offer a vehicle for satire and comedy about Jewish life and major issues of the day.

In their credit, Purimspiels continued to be written and performed as interpretative Jewish fringe theater in times of repression during the twentieth century, thus retaining an essence of the original spiel: a humurous blast of the absurd in an era of darkness.

2. Best of the Web

A. History & Concepts

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Sales & Spielers

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