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Hebrew Songs: Purim songs in transliterated Hebrew, with translation

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Ohr Somayach
Double index of traditional Hebrew and Yiddish songs in Hebrew
with English translation; downloadable song files in ram;
streamed audio in Real One;  full Megillah reading in ram;
doc and pdf downloads for song texts

Yiddish, English parodies, Hebrew songs (Transliteration or original text; some ram files)

Hebrew only

Jewish Agency for

, Education Department
Shoshanat Yaakov 


Chagim Institute
Hebrew words, 17 songs 
[Purim fun]

Orianit, Negev College
Songs with audio files

Amit Schools: 12 songs

Golda Meir School: 9 songs, graphic layout

Hebrew University & National Library: Piyutim from different countries;
Megillah in streamed audio or mp3 downloads


Music: 30 Purim music disks, with online clips, including the
Budapest Megillah [Hebrew & Yiddish]





Rhyme about choosing fancy dress


Piyut: Piyutim with audio files; related articles and websitesפורים&Method=&FromThePrayer=&Subject=&Author=&YearCicle=&LifeCicle=&


Moreshet: Leah Goldberg

Shironet: Dozens of Purim songs

Zooloo: 13 traditional and modern songs


More from the Kaye Academic College index:





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