Strictly Megillah

Online Megillah summary in three files: "Megillah and Mitzvot",
approximately according to the chapters in the Megillah.

Online complete Megillah reading in ram

Megillah in streamed audio or mp3 downloads


Stories & Activities

Purim Story-Telling Exhibition (C), with the kind permission of the
Polders Jewish community in Holland:

Purim story for kids

Colourful, abbreviated Purim story in framed cartoons

How to plan a story-telling programme
This links to another site, where each chapter is given in really tidy translation-cum-summary, with sub-headings, all user- friendly

A different kind of summary: the protagonists and the action headings, marked by chapter and verses
Helpful sources for the above

For kids and totally run-on, with a neat quiz

An 11 year old retells the Purim story, two parts, audio

Very abridged; the preceeding file (story.htm) allows you to download a gragger!

Perspectives for older students

A clever perspective on the Purim story

Access the audio lecture for students from this page; it is chapter by chapter and analytical

Story Preview for  JT Waldman's graphic novel, deconstructing Megillat Esther

For more ideas, please see Best of the Web's Purimspiel feature.





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