Draw a line between the word on the left and the corresponding word on the right:


With the beginning of Adar the first queen
The Jews had costume carnival
Adar 15th shouted and was glad
And the city of Shushan we must multiply our rejoicing
Adar 14th the Purim meal
Esther the seed of Amalek
Vashti scroll
Haman light and rejoicing
Megillah Hadassah
Adloyada whom the king delights to honor
Thus shall be done to the man Shushan Purim


Write each word or group of words in the appropriate column

To destroy the Jews, Mishlo'ah Manot, the king's sleep was disturbed,
to dress up, Esther, up unto half of my kingdom,
reading the Megillah, gifts to the poor, Haman,
the Purim meal, hamantashen, Mordechai,
Vayzata, the `Al Hanisim' prayer, Vashti,
Adloyada, rattle, the fast of Esther,
masks, drew lots, Bigtan and Teresh,
Achashverosh, thus shall be done to the man whom the king delights to honor.


Expressions from the Megillah Characters from the Megillah Purim Customs Mitzvoth


Draw a comparison between the two festivals that are celebrated to commemorate a miracle that happened to the Jewish people.

  Hanukkah Purim
Date of the holiday    
Name of the villain    
Name of the hero    
Where did the miracle occur?    
When did the miracle occur?    
What was the miracle?    
How is the miracle commemorated today?    


Purim songs

Below are the titles of the most dramatic Purim songs for younger children:

"Achat, shtayim, shalosh Ani Achashverosh...."

"Ani Purim, ani Purim Sameach umevadeach...."

"Leitzan Katan Nehmad"

"Shoshanat Yaakov"


Reference material for teachers and students in the Diaspora, Written and edited by Dr. Aviv Ekroni & Rafi Banai From: "Hetz", Journal of
the former Department for Jewish Education and Culture in the Diaspora
The Department for Jewish Zionist Education, JAFI






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