Biblical Subjects

  • Noah's Ark:
    Plot and time:
    In front of the Ark after the flood
    Background picture:
    Colorful view of Noah's Ark, and the rainbow over it.
    Song and tune:
    Songs of praise (Halleluya)
    Background music:
    "Saint Saens", "Carnival of the Animals".
    Old Noah; Noah's wife; his three sons; his sons'wives; several pairs of animals; a group of seven birds; a dove with an olive leaf in its mouth.
    Colorful jute gowns, animal masks.
  • The Tower of Babel
    Plot and time:
    By the Tower in the early stages of construction.
    Background picture:
    The Tower of Babel in the early stages of construction.
    Performed by the builders and the angels.
    Builders from different races: angels
    Jute gowns, masks of different peoples; building tools; costumes for girls and wings for angels.
  • Joseph and his brothers
    Plot and time:
    Joseph recounts his dreams to his brothers
    Background picture:
    Tent camp and sheep pens.
    Song and music:
    Shepherds' songs, songs of Jacob; songs of Joseph and his brothers.
    Shepherds' dances:
    performed by Jacob's sons, wives and handmaidens.
    Jacob, Joseph and his eleven brothers; slaves and handmaidens.
    Coat of many colors, colorful jute gowns; symbols of the tribes on the gowns.
  • King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba
    Plot and time:
    King Solomon receives the Queen of Sheba and her retinue in the palace in Jerusalem.
    Background picture:
    inside King Solomon's palace.
    Performed by the dance companies of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba.
    King Solomon; the kings guards; the king's advisers; dancers; the Queen of Sheba and her retinue.
    royal attire, crowns, armor and shields, colorful dresses for the dancers.
  • David and Goliath
    Plot and time:
    the people's rejoicing after David's victory over Goliath
    Background picture:
    David and Goliath on the battlefield in the valley of Elah.
    Song and music:
    "Ve-David yafeh einayim...", "Hica Shaul be-alafav ve-David berivevotav", "David Melech Yisrael"...
    Performed by the Israelite girls
    David, Israelite soldiers, dancers
    shepherds' clothes; clothes of Israelite soldiers - jute gowns; armor; dancers' clothes.
  • Megillat Esther
    Plot and time:
    Esther is chosen to be queen in the palace of King Achashverosh.
    Background picture:
    The King's palace, Achashverosh is within.
    Background music:
    Kittelby's "Persian Market".
    performed by maidens contesting to be queen and members of the King's court
    King Achashverosh; Esther; Mordechai; maidens contesting to be queen; dancers; palace guards.
    royal attire, crowns; colorful dance clothes; clothes for the palace guards; armor; spears and lances.

Miscellaneous Subjects:

  • Children's stories
    Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.
    Gulliver in Lilliput
    Alice in Wonderland
  • Bargain Market
    Dress up as peddlers with mobile stalls, advertise your wares in song and rhyme. Background music: Kittelby's "Persian Market".
  • Artists' rendez-vous:
    Have participants dress up as artists, and act out characteristic sketches. We propose playing songs or short plays on a tape recorder, with one, two or three children or a group miming to them.
  • Song Festival
    Have participants dress up as singers, and perform songs, or mime to songs played on a tape recorder. The singers will be accompanied by a choir and an improvised orchestra, with "musicians" playing real instruments and kitchen utensils. The spectators will vote for the best performance, using numbered cards. Have the festival presented by a witty compere, with a sense of humor.
  • Disneyland
    Have participants dress up as Disney characters: Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Snow White and the Dwarves, Bambie, Winnie the Pooh, Mary Poppins, Goofey, the three bears, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, etc. Each character or group of characters presents an episode related to their story in word, song, music or dance.
  • Purim Olympiada:
    Participants, dressed up as well-known sports champions, compete in mock sports events, for instance:
    1. Putting the shot - use cotton-wool balls instead of a shot!
    2. Sack race.
    3. Ping-pong and spoon race. The winner is the first contestant to reach the winning point without dropping the ball.
    4. Blowing cotton-wool balls from one end to the other.
    5. Blow up the balloon. The winner is the child who blows up the largest balloon.
    6. Hopping race
    7. Race in a vacant lot, with some participants blindfolded.
    8. Obstacle race, with blindfolds.
    9. Sweets in a heap of flour; uncover them by blowing.
    10. Bobbing the apple, using lips and teeth, and eating the apple.
    11. Two blindfolded competitors feed each other yogurt with spoons.
    12. Mock cock fight.
  • Luna Park
    Each group prepares one or two booths. The suggested booths are:
    1. a) Hit the target - throwing ping-pong balls into a clown's mouth;
      • Fishing - catch a piece of paper, using a fishing rod. The name of the prize is written on the piece of paper.
      • Knocking figures down with a tennis ball
      • Throw the hat onto the clown's head. Throwing a mock crown hat onto the head of an Achashverosh clown.
      • Throwing rings onto pegs.
      • Throwing a hoop around a bottle or another object.
      • Throwing a ping-pong ball into a basin.
      • Knocking down a tower made of match-boxes with a ping- pong ball.
      • Throwing beads into a jar.
      • Hitting and knocking down two figures with one ball.
      • Throwing a crown-shaped ring onto the head of Mordechai riding the king's horse.


From "Purim in Jewish Communities", Yosef Shaar
Expanded & Edited by: Ora Limor and Haya Shenhav,
The former Department for Jewish Education and Culture in the Diaspora -
The Department for Jewish Zionist Education, JAFI 





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