Kibbutz Galuyot - Ingathering of Exiles

Dress up in different national costumes and serve special foods, for instance:
Chinese rice, Turkish coffee, Italian macaroni, Russian tea, Romanian mamaliga etc.

The Bookshelf

This rather banal-sounding activity can be revitalized through periodic renewal and enrichment of the book shelf. You can vary the activity: not the entire world of books, but a "shelf" of one type of books, for instance, children's books and tales, or detective or feuilleton literature.

You may tighten the focus by centering the entire party around one book only, for instance: a book by Shalom Aleichem.


Women's, men's and children's fashion shows. Summer, winter, autumn and spring fashion. Fashions in hats, clothing and shoes, swimwear, travel and excursion fashions; contemporary fashion, yesterday's fashion, early fashions (at the time of the forefathers, the sixteenth-seventeenth century, etc.) and tomorrow's fashion. All accompanied, of course, by humoristic explanations, live examples and an additional entertainment show, as is customary in fashion shows.


Clowns, acrobats, athletes, dancers, orchestras and so forth, in conventional and characteristic circus performances.

An evening of physical and intellectual agility. A diversified "Olympiada" in which participants will demonstrate their physical agility, and their agility in speech, song, sewing, eating, composing songs and tunes, dance etc.

We are children

Dress up as a child, sing children's songs, tell children's stories.....

The Animal Kingdom

Dress up as an animal or a bird, the vegetable kingdom can also be included. Give the foods and the contents of the games appropriate names and forms.

We are all soldiers

Dress up in army uniforms of different corps and nations.


Dress up in the uniform or characteristic attire of different professionals and tradesmen: doctors, nurses, school nurses, chimney-sweeps, waiters, chefs, barbers, pickpockets, sailors, policemen, stewardesses.

Pajama party

Dress up in pajamas of different kinds and styles.

(From "Berukhim Habaim"; Margalit Akavia, Shevach Weiss, Shmuel Liran)

Expanded & reedited by:
Ora Limor and Haya Shenhav,
The former Department for Jewish Education and Culture in the Diaspora -
The Department for Jewish Zionist Education, JAFI 






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