Teen Leadership Program

The program is intended for teens in Grades 10 and 11 in Rehovot and in Minneapolis. The program takes the teens on a personal journey touching on self empowerment, Jewish/Israel identity and narratives, cultural sensitivity and dialogue. The program centers on encounters between Jewish teens from Rehovot and Minneapolis. The shared dialogue that takes places between these groups, and the focus on experiential learning, create a long term impact on the participants as well as on their families. In Rehovot this has been a successful program however in MPLS it has been a great challenge to recruit and get this program running every year. GOALS OF PROGRAM: Strengthen and deepen Jewish identity and develop awareness and respect for diversity and pluralism. Become agents of change, active leaders in addressing community needs. Build meaningful and long term ties with their peers from the local community and in the Partnership. Feel a part of and responsible for Israel and the Jewish people around the world.