Alternative Spring Break

The P2G Steering Committee has decided to prioritize developing lasting relationships between students in Rehovot and Minneapolis as one of the facets of our growing Partnership. Both Minneapolis and Rehovot have several established academic colleges and universities. The program will offer a Mifgash in Rehovot for one week based on home hospitality during spring break in the American college calendar. The goals of the program: 1. Connecting Jewish students affiliated with Hillel MN with Israeli students from Rehovot. 2. Exposing the students to the complexity of Israeli society (Arab/Israeli conflict, LGBTQ issues, Asylum seekers, Haredi community, IDF) 3. Exposing the students to the city of Rehovot, it’s institutions, local leaders, NGO’s etc. 4. Volunteering: Allowing the students from Minneapolis to feel they are giving back to the community in Rehovot.