This programme is suitable for either a weekly meeting, a seminar or a camp and lasts at least one hour..

• In sub-groups of about five or six, ask group members to think about and describe as many items as possible that they would like to find hidden by members of Zionist Youth Movements in a time capsule in 1942, which best represent that period. The items can either be from the Ghetto or from the Movements.

Here are some examples for you to help people who are struggling: Newspapers, Yellow Star, Books, Photographs, Movement Shirts and Newsletters, Songs, Jokes, Pictures, etc.

• When the group has its list, the moderator or leader should help them to understand how and why each item is important.

• Bring the sub-groups together and compare lists, see what they chose in common and what makes them different.

• Explain to the group about Emmanuel Ringelblum's Oneg Shabbat (see Historical Overview), as this was a marvellous example of a time capsule and discuss the importance of keeping a historical record. If you can, show them an example of Oneg Shabbat's work.

• Get me group to actually create their own time capsule to be opened in however many months or years you or they would like. Seal the box and give it to the Movement's Headquarters.

• This activity can be extended by the following one.




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