The Global School Twinning Network is an initiative of The Jewish Agency For Israel in cooperation with
the Ministries of Education and Diaspora Affairs in Israel.

Twinning programs promote the sense of Jewish Peoplehood and shared responsibility – for students in schools around the world and Israel schools alike.
Students have the chance to meet each other for dynamic conversations around issues such as Jewish Identity and Social Responsibility. Twinning programs, likewise, link educators for professional and personal enrichment.

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of hundreds of educators, Global School Twinning has evolved as Partnership2Gether’s flagship program. 
The program’s success stems from its ability to engage the school community as a whole (students, educators, parents) in promoting Jewish Peoplehood, catalyzing development of new educational programs and pedagogic methods along the way.
The grassroots School Twinning program has evolved into several models of operation, with all focusing on Jewish values, Jewish identity, culture and heritage.


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Twinning Content and Activities

Doing Good

Activities about the Holocaust Remembrance Day for elementary school students (Acts of kindness - about Righteous Among the Nations), and for middle and high school students (From Generation to Generation).

The activity was developed together with " Yad Vashem - The World Holocaust Remembrance Center" and with the "Reform Movement" as part of the "Memory Suitcase" study unit.

Songs for the Soul

A collaborative activity of creating songs playlists and sharing in Padlet for all school-age students on the language of music connecting people from different cultures and continents through sounds, words, melodies and rhythms.

Back to Life

Twinning activity via Google Maps on the ecological recovery opportunities for nature and the environment we live in as a result of the Corona crisis.

Always Together

Twinning activity of sharing students' thoughts, songs and art works in the Corona era following "All Jews are responsible for one another" for elementary, middle and high school students

Far Away

Twinning activity of video editing or presentation creating about your twin school to deepen your acquaintance.


As part of this initiative, twin classes from around the world are invited to take part in two educational sessions and upload photographs depicting daily life in their communities.



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02 Mar 2015 / 11 Adar II 5775