Shavuot insights on Torah, Mt Sinai, Belief, chain of transmission;  laws and prayers; audio shiurim.

American Jewish Joint Distribution Commitee (JDC)
Educational materials at introductory level

BJE Metropolitan Chicago
Shavuot fruity enhancement ideas for preschools through high school.

Shavuot: Insights, introductions, laws, kids' stuff - animated story, recipes, online videos 

CLAL - National Unity Shavuot
Online and downloadable texts, sources, questions, resource cards for familes and upper elementary classes.

Cyber Kitchen: Shavuot Recipes

Hagshama Department, WZO
Insights and issues for students and adults

Hampstead Garden Suburb Synagogue
Stories for Shavuot - for families, teachers and supplementary school educators

Hebrew Songs [Jewish Australia]
Traditional Shavuot songs and a couple of Israeli ones in transliterated Hebrew with English

Resources, sources, and ideas for students and young adults 

Holidays Net
Shavuot on the Net: Family education website - meanings, agricultural importance, customs, 10 Commandments, ecards. Suitable for non-Jewish schools.

Jewish Freeware [Barry Dov Lerner]
Shavuot Companion: background and customs; study resources; modern and traditional stories; rhymes; games. In 2 versions - Family education, or as Tikkun Leil for students & adults.

Jewish Holiday
9 annual collections of insight articles on modern life, Judaism, Shavuot laws, for students and adults. For recipes see:

Jewish Outreach Institute
How we celebrate ShavuotIntroductory website with messages and revelations, for students and adults

Shavuot @ JTSA. For families & adults: origins of Shavuot, Ruth as a role model; study together; kids' stuff; recipes.

Judaism About
Selected articles related to Shavuot, for students and adults; recipes.

The Karaite Corner
Insights on the Karaite religion, different from Rabbinic Judaism

Kosher Delight
Shavuot Recipe Bank in Hebrew and English.

Lookstein Center, Bar Ilan University
Lesson plans for day schools, for K10-K12.

Machon Chagim [K. Beit Hashita]
Israeli Shavuot songs in clear font Hebrew

My Jewish Learning
Multi-level Shavuot themes & theology companion, for students and adults.

National Jewish Outreach Program [NJOP]
Introductory and explanatory materials for young adults - main themes; English blessings; recipes.

Nurit Reshef
From Pesach to Shavuot: Web publication and online game center, using Jewish Agency resources

Ohr Somayach
Insights on the Torah; themes, Laws & customs of Shavuot; Torah readings; Ruth; ask the Rabbi; riddles & rhymes. For students & adults.

Introductory website for teens, with additional sources on Ruth and some contemporary perspectives

The A-Z of Shavuot in sources, laws, tefillot, customs, insights; audio & video shiurim, audio Megillat Ruth; video; quizzes.

Dozens of modern Israeli songs in Hebrew, with some traditional songs.

Social Action
Tikkun Olam discussions and ideas that fit well with Shavuot, for teens and upwards

Torah Tots
Reading material, summary of Megillat Ruth, online games for families and reading age children; lots of coloring pages, ecards; recipes.

Torah Org
Shiurim online and articles about Written and Oral Law, Megillat Ruth; Parshiot; for advanced adult browsers; more resources under Yomtov; Maharal.

Shavuot resources for families, day schools and community

Introductory and thematic resources for families and communities.

Introductory site for teenagers, madrichim in USY. 

Virtual Jerusalem
Introductory educational materials for teens: Torah, Mt Sinai, First Fruits & Customs.

Yeshivat Har Etzion
Advanced Shiurim on: Shavuot; parallels, significance of Megillat Ruth; Bar Yochai; the Omer; ideas for Tikkun Leil Shavuot shiurim; extensive sources archive.
Shavuot and Omer Classes for adults, from Jewish Torah Audio


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