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South Africa Israel Centre Logo The Israel Centre Hagshama department runs with the purpose of enhancing a desire for a Jewish Zionist community in young adults between the ages of 20-30, by initiating and executing various relevant, fun and informative events. Working with young adults is vital as they are a significant element of Jewry worldwide. It is of utmost importance that we work on strengthening their identity and bonds with Israel.

Shlichim Seminar 

Shlichim from all corners of South Africa together with Hagshama representatives, arrived in Cape Town in February 2011 for a 3 day seminar. The seminar provided a platform for all those present to share their knowledge, strategise and ultimately work together to create projects that will help the community positively identify with Israel thus enhancing a Jewish Zionist community. Hagshama took time whilst in Cape Town to speak to the young adults and get their opinions and suggestions as well.

Zionist Caravan 

The goal of the Zionist Caravan is to reach out to small and isolated communities around South Africa. In February 2011, Hagshama representatives and Israeli shlichim ran the first Zionist caravan for the year, they travelled Southern Africa to re-unite with the Jewish communities. Those that were visited were: Klerksdorp, Kimberley, Maputo, Bileni, white river, Nelspruit and Benoni. In these various communities they spoke to young adults and ran activities about Israel and Zionism