Co-Extistance Team with Coaches from Super Sport United at King David LinksfieldThe Jewish Agency for Israel ©, Israel Centre, South Africa
South Africa Israel Centre Logo Partnership2Gether is a Jewish Agency program connecting some 550 Jewish communities in the Diaspora with 45 Israel Partnership areas.
Partnership 2gether is dedicated to establishing bridges of understanding between Israeli and Diaspora Jewry, it is the ideal opportunity for communities abroad to become personally involved in developing Israel’s National priority areas. The Jews of Israel and the Jews of the partner communities become one family, living in different places. South Africa together with the Jewish community in Washington DC are partnered with the town of Beit Shemesh and the surrounding rural area of Mateh Yehuda. Our partnership helps the region deal with its changing education and welfare needs, supports the economic development and facilitates a wide range of relationship-building activities.
Further delegations to be organised by Partnership 2gether:
  • Introducing new school twinning’s as well as an eco-connection based twinning
  • Israel advocacy mission for community leaders
  • Various community and youth groups that will be visiting the region
  • Madrichim will be visiting the various youth movements
  • Partnership 2gether representatives hope to take part in the higher education Expo
…and many more exciting missions.
For more information contact Eli at: 011 645 2551 or
The purpose of this mission is to provide the South African community with information about the partnership region and what the partnership does. This delegation will visit South Africa to share their personal aliyah stories with individuals who are considering embarking on the same journey.
4 students and 1 madrich from Israel will  Cycle from Johannesburg to Durban, together with religious students from Torah Academy as well as students from various African backgrounds This mission fosters people to people connections, it also encouraging the students to learn about the Jewish community in South Africa, and also exposes them to the different  dynamics of the various South African cultures.
Higher Education Expo
The Higher Education Expo is designed to expose Grade 11 and 12 students to University and Gap Year programs in Israel. Partnership2Gether will also send a representative from the region to South Africa, to take part in this Expo. The aim of this is to expose these students to the opportunities that are available to them in the Partnership region as an alternative study or gap year option.



Grade 11 students who participate in the annual Israel Centre, Israel Encounter program will visit the P2G region for a day in order to be exposed to the region, the work of Partnership2Gether and to create people-to-people connections with students in the region of the same age.





Israel Expo

P2G will send specific experts from the region to participate in the Israel/Aliyah expo. A select group of individuals from the region will share their specific expertise at the Expo and at the same time will promoting the region and the Partnership. 




The Maoz educational program aims to provide the SA Jewish Community with a Zionist education. As Jews in the Diaspora, we are constantly exposed to anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism. It is therefore crucial, living in a country which is openly anti-Israel that we equip the community with the tools needed to defend and promote our homeland. The Maoz programme will educate every member of the SA Jewish community on Israel, Zionism 




Onward Israel Yalla

A group of 21 – 31 year olds will spend 6 weeks in Israel learning about the country and engaging in Hasbara training. As part of the program, the group will visit the region for 2 days in order to meet experts and to visit and understand the region.