Jewish Zionist Education

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South Africa Israel Centre Logo Our educational mission is to deepen the central and multi-faceted significance of Israel in connecting the next generation of young Jews to their Judaism, their people and their homeland.


Masa Israel Journey

Masa Israel Journey offers young Jewish adults (18-30) over 200 study, internship and volunteer opportunities across Israel, ranging between five and twelve months.





Onward Israel

Onward Israel aims to instill within volunteers the correct values and identity, so that they can hold their own when challenged on controversial subjects regarding Israel.


Project TEN

The Tikkun Empowerment Network (T.E.N.) is a global effort to harness your good energy by volunteering in different under-developed localities worldwide - to make the world a better place.





Israel Encounter engages young South Africans with Israel, by travelling the land and experiencing it in different ways.