Israel Media Centre

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South Africa Israel Centre Logo The State of the Art Israel Media Centre: Focus on Aliyah, Jewish Zionist education and partnership with Israel
The state of the art Israel Media Centre is equipped with high-definition (HD) video conferencing facilities, a surround-sound system, Blu-ray DVD player and many more features. The establishment of this Centre was made possible owing to the generosity of the Kaplan family, the Israeli Ministry of Absorption and The Jewish Agency for Israel.
The system serves the Israel Centre by improving the service we give to our potential olim, and as an educational tool: allowing us to host high-end, effective seminars and lectures at a low-cost. The system also serves the use of other Zionist organisations in the Beyachad building. Over and above this, the Israel Media Centre encourages the broader Jewish community to make use of this fantastic system, especially with regards to initiatives that have a Jewish Zionist focus.
For more details on the use of the Israel Media Centre and its facilities. or for bookings contact Michele Gogoski on or 011 645 2562.