The Diller Fellowship Programme

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Diller Teen Fellows The Diller Teens Fellows program is a leadership development programme for Jewish teens - Grade 11 – with a unique model that allows them to experience Jewish diversity, peoplehood and a partnership with Israel.

The program has run successfully with North America and Israel for 18 years, and the Israel Centre South Africa is proud to be become a part of this successful initiative. From January 2015, South Africa will be included in the partnership.

The Diller Fellowship Programme

Gilad Spiltanik will be running the South Africa leg of the Diller Fellowship from the Israel Centre office at Beyachad. He will be responsible for selecting 20 candidates from various schools in Johannesburg and will lead and guide the group throughout the year.

The objective the fellowship is to develop future leaders of the Jewish Community. Their mission is defined as  “To create an international network of inspired and empowered Jewish teens who will serve as active, effective leaders with a strong Jewish identity, a sense of commitment to their communities, the Jewish people, and Israel, motivated to make the world a better place”

Based on this, the Diller Fellowship programme is defined by 4 Pillars:


Participants are encouraged to define their strengths, weaknesses and personal leadership goals. The programme provides tools, feedback and mentoring to assist with this.


The Diller Fellowship ProgrammeThe programme is based on the belief that leadership results from a strong sense of self and appreciation of others.  Participants are encouraged to reflect on their Jewish Identity and how they understand their history, traditions and values. The result is a deep understanding of what it means to be Jewish, as an individual and as a group.


Participants gain a new perspective on Israel based on a direct and genuine connection to the place and the people. The highlight of the programme is a 3 week summer seminar in Israel that brings teens from around the world to engage in the diversity, energy and complexities of modern Israel.


“Repairing the world” is a central theme of the fellowship. Participants are given the opportunity to find and lead impact projects of their own. This allows them to move beyond academic participation and become involved in a “hands-on” capacity

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