"For Man is as a Tree in a Field"

Activities - Full Sessions

Quality of the Environment

In order to run the activities below successfully, you will need to prepare a wall exhibition reflecting the essential elements of the discussion, which can be used to conclude the series.


A clarification activity on the quality of Jewish life in the Diaspora.


Explore the statics and dynamics of community ecology
Deepen the analogy to permit discussion of numerous issues


Adults, students, older teenagers


1 or 2 sets of worksheets per discussion group
The exhibition of 3 types of forest should be on the wall


  1. Divide into 5 groups of 5-7 people.  The task is to draw a comparison between the Jewish community and the forest, between the individual in the community and a tree.
  2. If time is insufficient, each group can work on one section of the material. Otherwise, allow 6 minutes for each section and writing up notes and ask each group to present a different section at the summing up. The same group should present sections #5 & #6.
  3. Each group has the floor in turn. If there are any additions or disagreements these should be raised after each section, rather than be left to the end.






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