Ulpan Etzion

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Ulpan Etzion offers college graduates an intensive Hebrew learning program in five locations throughout Israel. Choose the one that's right for you

At Ulpan Etzion, you will meet hundreds of other young adults from all around the world who have chosen to build their futures in Israel. In addition to Hebrew studies, activities include trips around the country, social and recreational activities, and workshops about Israeli society and career-building. 

Ulpan Etzion was the very first ulpan in Israel in 1949 and has served as the model for all The Jewish Agency’s highly successful Hebrew-language courses. 

Each of the five Ulpan Etzion locations has two starting dates per year. Speak with your shaliach to find out which location might be best for you.


  1. Available for college graduates aged 22-35
  2. Admission for all off-campus students, of any family status, is on a case-by-case basis
  3. On-campus accommodation is available to singles and married couples without children 

Scroll down for locations and details for each Ulpan Etzion Experience.


Ulpan Etzion Experiences

  • Ulpan Etzion Jerusalem 2016
    Ulpan Etzion Jerusalem

    Interested in living and studying Hebrew in Jerusalem? Ulpan Etzion will give you the best of both.

  • Aliyah Ulpan Etzion carmel
    Ulpan Etzion Carmel, Haifa

    Soak up the culture and improve your Hebrew as you explore the hi-tech and educational opportunities available in Haifa and the surrounding region.

  • Aliyah Ulpan Etzion
    Ulpan Etzion Ra'anana

    Making Aliyah and need to improve your Hebrew? Learn Hebrew in central Israel as you meet peers from around the world.

  • Ulpan Etzion Ramla

    Interested in combining studying Hebrew with staying fit? Ulpan Etzion Ramla offers free entrance at Ramla’s swimming pool and gym.

  • Ulpan Etzion + Kibbutz Ulpan on Kibbutz Tzuba

    Kibbutz and Ulpan Etzion - two great experiences that are great together!

  • Ulpan Etzion Ye’elim Be’er Sheva

    Love the Negev? Start your life in Israel at our ulpan in Be’er Sheva. Our solid academic Hebrew courses will improve your language skills in five short months.


  • ג'ורדנה בראון Jerusalem: Jordana’s Sukkot Holiday

    She made Aliyah to Israel from Queens, NY. And this is her first Sukkot in Israel as a new immigrant. Yes, she always dreamed of coming here. And now, as a student at the Ulpan Hebrew program, she’s

  • אילנה ויונתן כהן A Honeymoon in Israel

    Ilana and Yonatan Cohen have been married for a month – and though they are originally from the City of Light, the City of Love, Paris, they’ve chosen Israel as their honeymoon destination, and also

  • In the Shade of Terror, Olim Choose Be'ersheva

    “The choice of young Jews from around the world to build their future in Israel, in preference over other countries, is a real victory of Zionism." - Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky

  • They Never Would Have Known They Were Actually Family

    After Kim and Jennifer met in Jerusalem, the two immigrants from Marseille became close friends, bonding over their shared background. But when each planned a vacation to France for a family bar

  • Sasha and Yankel learned Hebrew and found each other at Ulpan Etzion Learning Hebrew and finding love at Ulpan Etzion

    They couldn’t communicate until they each learned Hebrew. Now they are getting married


Ulpan Etzion

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