Medical Committee

The Medical Committee creates opportunities for medical personnel from the Consortium communities and the Western Galilee to connect on a professional level, gives the Galilee Medical Center international exposure and gives learning and sharing opportunities to doctors on both sides.

Medical Externship

Medical Externship at the Galilee Medical Center allows medical students the opportunity for a one month rotation at the hospital and to learn about Israel and its high medical standards. Click here to read more about the Medical Externship.

Med2Gether: Medical Professional Exchange

MED2GETHER: Medical Professional Exchange Program is a chance to broaden your professional perspective while working and socializing with colleagues. Click here to read more about the Med2Gether program

Watch: Dr Samuel Tobias

Dr Samuel Tobias, the Deputy Head of Department of Neurosurgery and the Israeli Chair of the Medical Committee for our Partnership speak about treating Syrians at the Galilee Medical Center. 

Additional Information

Galilee Medical Center Website

New Medical faculty in the North of Israel

Learn about The Friends of the Galilee Medical Center

If you have an idea that connects your community to the Galilee Medical Center please contact Sharon Mann at



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