• Divide the group into two.

• Get each one or more participants from one half of the group to research one of the following women who have had an important role in Jewish or Israeli history or culture. Sarah, Rivka, Rahel, Leah, Devorah, Esther, Susanna, Judith, the unnamed mother (often known as Hannah) of the seven sons at the time of the Maccabee rebellion, Beruriah, Imma Shalom, Yalta, Dona Gracia or Glueckel of Hameln.

• Get one or more people from the other half of the group to choose one of the following women and research their character: Sarah Aaronsohn, Hemdah Ben Yehuda, Rahel Yanait Ben-ZviMania ShochatRahel BluwsteinGolda MeirHannah SzenesHaviva Reik, Marcia Freedman or Shulamit Aloni.

• Having done as much research as they can, organise discussion groups of four or five participants from the same group, each representing a different character, where each presents their own story in the first person, explaining who they are and then leading into a general discussion of how they felt being a Jewish woman and if they felt in any way limited or unlimited by their womanhood.

• Now pair off two people from each different group to tell their stories and to discuss the issue.



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