• Do some research into the question of Agunot – “anchored women” whose husbands refuse them a divorce. Good resources for this are:

Jack Nusan Porter: Women in Chains – A Sourcebook on the Agunah,
or the following websites:http://users.aol.com/Agunah/stry-agu.htm

• Ask rabbis from different streams in the community to come and talk to the group about the question and to indicate what they think can be done and what is done in the community to help such women.

• We suggest that, if possible and if deemed desirable, the members of the group should write a letter to a woman who is in such a position (the rabbis can pass the letters on) explaining what they have learned and saying how they feel about the issue.

• Discuss how the group would like to see Israel as a Jewish state, deal with the issue of Agunot.



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