Jewish Day School Robotic Program

This year, with generous funding from the Miami-Yerucham partnership, the Miami Jewish Day School Robotics Program was implemented in 3rd and 4th grade classrooms in 8 Miami Jewish Day schools. The design of the program includes face-to-face training by Yerucham Science Center personnel for teachers in the Miami day schools, implementation of robotics in 3rd and/ or 4th grades in the 8 schools as part of their STEM curriculum, intensive workshop days to be led by teen members of the Yerucham Robotics Team and a culminating Robotics Festival in which 45 teams from the 8 schools will showcase their learning in front of members of the Miami and Yerucham communities. Based on the overwhelming success of this program, the 8 schools are committed to continued. integration of robotics into their school curriculum and to the partnership with CAJE, the Yerucham Science Center, and each other in order to continue sponsoring the Miami Jewish Day School Robotics Festival. The Yerucham team will visit Miami for 1 week in the spring of 2019 to mentor students in the day schools and to participate in the Miami Jewish Day School Robotics Festival