Acharai – Follow Me

The goal of the Achari project is to increase readiness for meaningful IDF service out of the belief that such service is a civic duty and mission, and the key to future success in Israeli civilian life.  The project uses military recruitment as a means for affecting a process of education and values for trainees.  The goal is not to supply the army with "better soldiers" but rather to supply Israeli society with better civilians — guided by strong values, believing in themselves and their mission, stronger and, primarily, with a greater sense of belonging and a more concerned attitude. The movement was established in order to cultivate young leadership and develop social involvement of teens from neighborhoods, development towns, absorption centers, and boarding schools.  These teens are situated at the last crossroads of their lives during which we can influence their future through education. Military service, for its part, is an excellent means of empowering individuals with feelings of success.  It places challenges before them and forges distinct individuals who contribute society.  In a split society with growing feelings of alienation, the IDF is one of the last ties that bind us together. We should point out that mainstream teenagers who participate in Acharai do so on account of its credibility, the personal attention devoted by instructors, and the positive changes the program brings about — and not because it is considered a prestigious program.