Otzma Center – Family Empowerment Program

The Otzma Center is a venue for activities under the Family Empowerment program. The program provides a response for families in the Megiddo Regional Council in need of empowerment. Mapping was performed and 70 families with children aged 6 18 were identified for the program. Each family has a family coordinator (from the Department of Education and Social Welfare) who works on a volunteer basis, guided by a sense of mission and conviction. The working tool chosen by the Center is family coaching.  The family coordinator builds, together with the family, a personal empowerment program tailored to the entire family. The overriding goal of the program is to empower and advance families, selected in cooperation with the Department of Social Welfare, Psychological Services, treatment services, and education officials in the Megiddo Regional Council.  The program enables the pooling of resources from various sources. The Otzma Center is the heart of the Family Program.  It runs an after school club for at risk children, treatment groups for children, learning reinforcement and parental guidance groups. The center also provides training for professional staffs from the Council’s Education and Social Welfare department.  At the Otzma after school club children receive a hot meal, help with homework, enrichment activities and remedial instruction.  Activity is conducted in association with the parents we believe that parental involvement brings about significant positive changes in the child. The center operates varied group activities as well as subsidized training and support activities for parents and children from the mapped families. Activities are also open to other residents interested in participating at full price. The guiding philosophy is integration of the general population without making distinctions. Otzma Center and after school club activities are managed by a community social worker who also coordinates the Family Empowerment program.