TAKA: Pre-Academic Program

TAKA: Pre-Academic ProgramIllustrative ©, Perry Bindelglass

Studying in Israel? Yes it is possible!! The three-step route to academic success in Israel

Step 1: Ulpan: Either any regular 5 month ulpan OR one of the "pre-Taka ulpanim"

Step 2: Taka: The Pre-Academic 5 month program

Step 3: Summer Ulpan: An intensive Academic Hebrew Ulpan (5-6 weeks)  

What is in the Taka Program?

Academic Hebrew, English

The social sciences in Israel with an emphasis on academic writing, Optional courses

Career counseling & social activities

The program is intensive: classes 5 days a week 8:00-16:00. Admittance conditional upon successfully passing a Hebrew exam. 

Who is Taka meant for? Students exempt from Mechina, students who studied academically abroad, students aiming towards studying their BA or MA, students who wish to study in institutions that do not obligate Mechina, students with Bagrut equivalent high school completion, university graduates up to 30. 

What is the summer ulpan? The third step for advanced Hebrew proficiency!

Costs: Taka & summer ulpan are funded by the Student Authority. You need to pay a minimal registration fee & your own living expenses.

Registration: Every candidate for Taka is advised to open a student file either in Israel (Olim) or via our Pre Aliyah services (if still abroad) www.highereducation.gov.il

Dormitories: it may be possible to offer accommodations in Jewish Agency Absorption Centers on the basis of available space.



Registration Information from Israel:

New! Taka Program + Summer Ulpan - shellya@moia.gov.il

Taka Program Opens twice a year + Summer Ulpan - rinac@moia.gov.il

From abroad - aceng@moia.gov.il



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