Wings: Services for Lone Soldiers

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Are you a lone soldier - or were you one until recently? Learn about your rights as a soldier and prepare for civilian life

The Jewish Agency’s Wings program provides a continuum of services for Lone Immigrant Soldiers, so that as you move through your army service you can receive the help you need.

Lone soldiers who are currently performing their military service or who were recently discharged.
Benefits include:
  1. Help understanding and receiving your rights as a soldier.
  2. Support if a crisis arises.
  3. A personal mentor, in the form of another lone immigrant who recently finished his or her army service, provided through our partnership with the Israeli “Big Brother” Association.
  4. Ongoing personal, career, and financial guidance for up to two years following your army discharge, for graduates of the seminar.
  5. Mentoring by members of the Rotary Club: help with networking, managing bureaucracy, career planning, etc.
  6. A five-day seminar, when you approach your discharge date, to help you prepare for civilian life. (The seminar includes workshops on your rights as a lone soldier who becomes a civilian, budgeting and personal finance, job market trends and tools for entering the workforce, college opportunities and available courses of study in Israel, taxes, and insurance.)

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