Fund For The Victims Of Terror

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The Fund for the Victims of Terror provides Israel’s terror victims with direct, immediate financial assistance after an attack.

The Jewish Agency's Fund for the Victims of Terror offers assistance to individuals and families in Israel who suffer hardship as a result of a terror attack or other national crisis. It offers two categories of assistance: immediate, emergency financial grants to families who have been affected by terror in the past 48 hours, to help them immediately replace damaged material necessities; and grants given in the months or years after an attack, to help victims overcome trauma and establish skills for success.  Assistance is coordinated with the government of Israel to avoid duplication of services, and to complement the limited funds provided by government agencies.
After a terror attack, victims and their families often need funds quickly to rebuild what they have lost. The Jewish Agency For Israel helps them fast, providing immediate, direct assistance so that they can start the process of healing – often within 24 hours. The Fund has helped hundreds of Israeli families. Please join us in providing comfort for those whose lives are suddenly overturned by trauma. With your help we can ease their recovery and help them move on.
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  • Amid the recent wave of rocket fire at Israel from Gaza as well as the new phenomenon of kite arson