National Insurance and Health Tax

Non-working Olim (including Katinim Chozrim and Ezrachim Olim) are exempt from payments to Bituach Leumi for national insurance and health tax for up to a year from their Aliyah date.

Israeli residents aged over 18 must be covered by National Insurance and make appropriate insurance payments. Olim who have not entered the workforce do not make payments in the first 12 months.

Insurance contribution payments are based on whether a person is an employee, self employed or unemployed.

A full explanation and up-to-date list of payment rates is available in English on the National Insurance website.

Each of the Kupot Cholim offers additional levels of insurance above the basic level. These are optional extras and Olim don't have any special benefits.

By their nature, Olim tend to start their lives in Israel with a temporary address. It's required and also recommended to update that address at the Interior Ministry so that other Government offices including National Insurance are able to reach you. In particular, if, at the end of your first year you are unemployed, it is important to contact Bituach Leumi to make sure that you are making the required minimum payment (NIS 167 per month) as otherwise fines and interest will be added.