Higher Education Benefits

The Student Authority ("Minhal Hastudentim"), a part of the Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption, assists eligible immigrant students with various programs and grants. Benefits have recently been expanded!


  • Tuition grants to cover the standard number of years for undergraduate or graduate or certificate studies or practical engineering studies. In most cases this means 3 years for Bachelor's degrees but can be up to 5 years for Architecture of Medicine and up to 3 years for Master's degrees including a year of supplemental courses if necessary. (Grants are based on the standard annual cost of the recognized Israeli universities). 


  • Pre-academic programs (mechinot), which prepare immigrant students for academic studies in Israel. Now covered in addition to degree study in cases where a mechina is required by the University.
  • Counseling, information, advice and support


Olim are eligible for assistance from the Student Authority if they:

  • begin their studies within 36 months of their date of Aliyah (not including compulsory military service; up to one year of service in the permanent army; Sherut Leumi - one Service year ("shin-shin") prior to army service; up to four years' service within the framework of the Hesder program; periods outside of Israel of more than six months)
  • meet age criteria - begin mechinah study before their 23rd birthday; undergraduate degrees before their 27th birthday; practical engineering studies before their 28th birthday; and graduate / master's degree studies before their 30th birthday
  • fulfill academic criteria – completed high school; were accepted to the institution; continue to advance in their studies from one year to the next; study in recognized institutions and tracks; and are not repeating a degree level which they already hold. In some cases the Student Authority will fund a second graduate degree - special approval is required.

For more information about studying in Israel and your eligibility for assistance, contact the Student Authority at aceng@moia.gov.il or 02-621-4589