Rental Assistance

The Ministry of Construction and Housing pays rental assistance to new immigrants who are not home owners from their 13th month in Israel.

Single Olim and Oleh families receive the assistance for 4 years whilst single parent families receive the assistance for 5 years.

The assistance should be received by automatic transfer from the 13th month onwards. Make sure that your representative at the Misrad HaKlita has your correct banking details.

Single Olim receive NIS 400 per month in years 2 - 4 and NIS 89 per month for year 5

Couples or families receive NIS 800 per month in year 2, 600 per month in year 3, 400 per month in year 4 and 99 per month in year 5.

Lone Soldiers and Olim who are not home-owners and receive income support from Bituach Leumi are entitled to additional sums for extended periods depending on specific critieria.