Change of Status in Israel

Dealing with bureaucracy in any country can be confusing. The Change of Status program was launched by the Jewish Agency for Israel to simplify the Aliyah application process from within Israel by minimizing your contact with bureaucracy.

In order to avoid unnecessary running to and fro, our staff members will advise you in collecting the necessary documents and, once you have everything, will invite you to an Aliyah interview with a staff member from the Interior Ministry in our offices in Jerusalem.


Step 1: Contact the Global Center in Jerusalem by freephone 1-800-228-055 or click here for one of our advisers to contact you. We’ll answer your initial questions and set up your online Aliyah application

Step 2: Fill out the application. Based on your responses, you will be notified as to what documents you will need to supply. Additional documents may be requested at any stage in the process depending on your exact personal circumstances.

Step 3: Upload your documents or send them to our office.

Step 4: Arrange an Aliyah eligibility interview with the Global Center.

Step 5: Receive notification of Aliyah approval.

Step 6: The Jewish Agency will arrange for you to receive your Aliyah visa and Israeli ID card as well as advising you on the next steps that you will need to take.