Amigour: Subsidized Housing in Israel

AmigourAmigour ©, Olivier Fitoussi

Amigour is a Jewish Agency subsidiary that provides quality housing in Israel to the elderly, new immigrants, and single-parent families.

Amigour operates 57 sheltered housing projects throughout Israel, serving more than 7500 vulnerable senior citizens, the majority of whom are Holocaust survivors along with others who participated in world War II as soldiers and as partisans. 
For a nominal monthly fee, residents enjoy independent living in their own apartment within a tight-knit community. 
Each facility has a professional staff including a social worker, house mother, social coordinator and director. Comprehensive security arrangements protect the elderly population with public address systems, emergency call buttons, and emergency shelters.
In addition to meeting the physical needs of this special population, Amigour provides a wide variety of social and cultural services that enhance the quality of life of its residents. Activities include crafts, home economics, exercise classes, Hebrew language classes, gardening and volunteer activities.
Many of the activities are carried out in conjunction with community centers, schools, the Israel Defense Forces, and Masa Israel Journey and local volunteers - integrating the residents into the general community.
Today, there are 650, 000 Israelis over the age of 65. Many live close to the poverty line and cannot afford to rent or purchase their own home. Operating since 1972, Amigour, a non-profit company and a subsidiary of The Jewish Agency for Israel, has provided more than 60,000 housing solutions for new immigrants and disadvantaged citizens. Thousands of Israel's elderly citizens await additional Amigour housing units (at a cost of approximately $100,000 per unit).
Amigour also manages 13,000 subsidized units that are home to 40,000 Israelis.
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