Foreword: On Iran, Israel, and Antisemitism

Iran's fanatical and radical Islamic leadership has chosen to act as an international platform to attract and foment both Holocaust Denial and anti-Israel propaganda, alongside with its escalated pitch of overt threats to implement Israel's physical destruction. This verbally abusive and menacing rhetoric springs from long-standing government policies favouring publicistic Antisemitism; scratch the surface and Iran's anti-Israel polemics can be easily identified as products of classic antisemitic propaganda, despite their camouflage as "Review" and anti-Zionist positions, respectively.


  1. What resources does the Jewish Agency for Israel and its website offer about  Antisemitism, its origins, and its contemporary manifestations?
  2. What resources does the Jewish Agency for Israel website offer for combatting Antisemitism?
  3. Which organizations specialise in documenting or fighting Antisemitism - and what can they offer?
  4. Where do international, inter-faith, and other organizations stand on countering Antisemitism?
  5. Should democracies fight Antisemitism through legislation - and does it help?
  6. How do you define the 'New Antisemitism', or the 'New Face of Antisemitism', and where did it originate?
  7. Should Jewish communities be seriously concerned about Antisemitism today?
  8. What can Jewish groups and individuals do, if a particular Jewish community has a policy of keeping a low profile on Antisemitism?
  9. What were the origins of Holocaust Denial, and how are they relevant to contemporary Antisemitism?
  10. How significant is the Iranian Holocaust Denial and how can it be addressed?






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01 Feb 2007 / 13 Shevat 5767 0