Iranian Jews on trial


For over 2 decades, Iran has been ruled by fundamentalist Moslem extremists who have repressed free speech, opposed any form of true democratic practice, and ignored human rights issues. This has gone hand-in-hand with their anti-Western, anti-American position, plus condemnations of Israel combined with support for Hizbollah in Lebanon, together with the other rejectionist fronts.

With many of the Jewish community having left Iran for the United States and Israel, it was deemed appropriate by Israel and the large Jewish community organizations to show a low profile on the well-being of the remaining Jews in the capital, Teheran, and smaller towns like Isfahan. To a great extent, discreet diplomacy initially guided Israel and the Jewish communities' policy, too, on the trumped-up trial of 13 Iranian Jews, accused of spying for Israel.

Many states and eminent statesmen have promised and tried to act on behalf of the 13 Iranian Jews, to ensure that this politically motivated trial would be fair. The recent changes in the Iranian parliament indicated a change of atmosphere, and led to hopes of possible moderation in the political line which would improve the chances that the trial would have a favorable outcome for the incarcerated members of the Jewish community and their families. Nevertheless, there has been an absence of signals which spell hope, and precious time is passing as no changes in trial procedures have occured and judgment looms nearer.

The Moment is Now

The tightrope in this life or death situation, is decidedly shaky. These people are innocent of the charges of spying for Israel, they have only been active in Jewish community life. Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism have been used before by governments and public figures as a political tool to terrify Jews from active affiliation to Jewish life. Without intervening in internal Iranian affairs, we have the right and duty to protest this travesty of justice a nd many Jewish organizations have now decided to go beyond diplomatic measures.
Your support will tell their families and the Iranian government that the world is watching, that it matters what happens in every country.

Please first read a good background file on

It you don't believe it could happen again, see:

Then see how you can do something to help today both personally and in your community: your support is very urgent





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