Cordoba, Argentina

In Cordoba, Argentina, there's an important Jewish community. But the problem is with the most important newspaper of that city, "La Voz del Interior"; from 2 years ago to now, I noted an anti-Israeli inclination, in many articles they've addressed Zionism as something bad, they say that Israel is killing Palestinians, they attack it, it's viewed as a big monster.

In November, 1999, in the editorial, Carlos Pacha, a professor of history, who sometimes writes editorials for that newspaper, refers, in an article about Lebanon, to Zionism as "sophism". There's already a bad image of Zionism in the people, this newspaper is not the exception, I note that in the newspapers when I talk to people, and surely elsewhere in my country.

There's a section for newspaper readers to send letters about different topics. Two months ago, on 7/12/1999, as a reader, Pacha sent a letter denouncing the "Jewish Gaucho" (the Jews who came to Argentina around 1890) as an attempt to create a Jewish State in Argentina. This idea is taken from some lines that Herzl wrote in his book ("As it was in Palestine, it could have been Argentina" he wrote.) The idea that the Jewish people wanted to create a State in The Patagonia isn't new, it was published a long time ago [as the "Andinia" plan]. It's an old story used by the Nazis in Argentina.
He also writes about a "manipulation" by "International Zionism" with the UN, for the
Vote on the Partition resolution (with a lot of lies).

On 22/2/2000, in another letter, he persisted with this topic. We have to let him know that if he writes about that he's going to get a strong reaction.

The problem with these people is that they have authority, because they're the newspaper, and these ideas are spread among the population in Cordoba (over one million people). Surely, it's not like in Austria or the neo-Nazi conference in Chile, but I think we have to react to the earliest and smallest signs of activity by this kind of person. I also think that the Jewish community should fight against this kind of publication and I don't know why there are no paid people dedicated to spread a good image of Israel and our community, in my city of Cordoba. There should be people dedicated to defend Israel and Zionism, like soldiers with a pencil in their right hand. There's another thing I can't understand: there are no Jews in Cordoba that can answer this kind of false accusations.




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