We received a plea for help to protest the upcoming neo-Nazi Congress in Chile this year. Since Chile is now going to elections, some young people have decided to hold over this campaign, but others continue.

This is what it said in Spanish:

It is with horror and indignation that we received notification of the upcoming National Socialist Congress to be held in Santiago, the capital of Chile, in 2000.

Chile is one of the few countries in the world which lacks any legislation to protect minorities from those who incite racial and ethnic hatred.

Therefore, in honor of the one and a half million Jewish children exterminated by the Nazis in the Shoah, we are seeking to send 1,500,000 protest cards to the Chilean Government - one for each child killed - to urge it to expedite anti-discriminatory legislation.

Silence implies COMPLICITY. This time we cannot remain silent!!!

Little over half a century has passed since men, women and children were massacred by fanatics, who filled Europe with their corpses. The victims live on in our memory and in our hearts. The year 2000 should be a Year of Peace: let us make this the year to stand up about the horrors of the Holocaust and decry Nazi savagery!

The Petition can be found on http://www.geocities.com/~gezai/campa.htm
Thank you!





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31 Jul 2007 / 16 Av 5767 0