Israel's Second Front: The Propaganda War

 Israel's Second Front: The Propaganda War

Table of Contents


I. Introduction


1. Impressions
2. Why Israel Needs Your Solidarity
3. Shattering Israel's Image and Escaping from Peace

II. Israel's Second Front: The Propaganda War


1. Israel's Record
2. Creating Myths
    a. Useful Links
    b. Myths to Note
    c. Examples of Recent Anti-Israel Statements (Analysis & Verbal Confrontation)
Is the Media Biased?
    a. Seeing is Believing (Perceptions, Expectations)
    b. Do Journalists Hate Israel?

III. Action Ideas


1.Enlisting and Lobbying the Media
    a. Media Events
    b. Local Connections
    c. Un-Mediated Media (Talk radio, Internet see also: IV.4 (Lobbying)
Dealing with Israel-Haters
    a. Resetting the Paradigm
    b. Bridge Building
    c. Simplifying or blurring the Issues
    d. Personalizing, de-personalizing and demonizing
Effective Hasbara: The Three Circles of Advocacy
    a. Information
    b. Technique
    c. Forum
4. In Conclusion

IV. Activities


1. Perceptions

2. Expectations

3. Lobbying
   a. Letters to the News & Media (
How to Write a Letter, Media Contact Information)
    b. Website Action Page
How to Organize a Campaign





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