December 1991, just weeks after the conclusion of the historic Madrid conference, the United Nations repealed the infamous "Zionism is racism" resolution.


1991 - Revocation of GA #3379


As the Middle East peace process got underway and the Israelis and Palestinians signed the historic Declaration of Principles in 1993, there began to be a significant decrease in the number of anti-Israel condemnations at the UN. For the first time, the Human Rights Commission condemned Anti-Semitism as a form of racism.

In June 1993, Israel was nominated to its first UN committee, the Committee for Information.

In 1994, Israelis were permitted to participate in the UN peace-keeping mission in Angola and to travel to South Africa, as part of a UN effort to monitor the country's first democratic elections. At that time, Israelis also began to be elected to notable UN positions, such as the high administrative tribunal at the Hague, Vice Chair of the World Health Organization's Executive Committee, and member of the Human Rights Committee.

In 1995, the GA adopted 18 Middle East resolutions, eight of which have since been reworded to refrain from condemning Israel, and eight more modified otherwise.





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