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A new wave of anti-Semitism is sweeping Europe. In Britain, Anglo-Jewry's dream world has been jolted twice over: once by the intifada, and then by September 11. The left-liberal media are scathing in their criticism of Israel. Spokesman for Britain's two million-strong Muslim community are virulent in their attacks on the Jewish state and on its supporters. London's chattering classes are reportedly making uninhibitedly anti-Semitic remarks at dinner parties.

Across the Channel, meanwhile, a wave of Jew-hatred seems to be inundating France, eliciting grave concern in the 600,000-strong Jewish community there. Synagogues have been fire-bombed, schools have been attacked and individuals have been cursed and harassed on the street.

Fighting the New Antisemitism

Amnon Rubinstein

Anti-Semitism's historical foundation runs deep, and refuses to die even in the wake of the Holocaust, the victory of Zionism and the establishment of the Jewish state; but without doubt, Israel's harsh response to the war of terror being waged against it by the Palestinians - closures, lengthy curfews, daily Palestinian fatalities, suffering at check points, damage to property - has given rise to a deep emotional reaction not only to (and within) it, but also against the Jews who support it.
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Grapples with its Jewish Paradox

Eliahu Salpeter

Germans are trying, on the one hand, to preserve the memory of the Jews, while on the other hand, demanding recognition of German suffering during WWII
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Anatomy of a Boycott, Part One

The Tip of the Volcano?
Sara Bedein and Gila Ansell Brauner

In late Spring 2002, Dr Miriam Schlesinger, an eminent academic, translator and interpreter, was unfairly dismissed from an honorary editorial position on "The Translator", an independent academic Translation journal. This measure was taken on the grounds that she is Israeli and involved in the Israeli academic world...


Anatomy of a Boycott, Part Two

Bubbling Under: From Economics to International Cooperation
by Sara Bedein

The resonance of the academic boycott trend should be taken very seriously, in terms of its influence in the professional sector, the business world and academic lobbying of other organizations.


Enlightenment, Emancipation and Racial Antisemitism
Ron Schleifer and Gila Ansell Brauner

With the exception of Spain under the Inquisition - where descendants of converts continued to be as suspect as their Jewish forbears - all European Antisemitism until the 17th century was religious in character, rather than a racial or blood phenomenon.


Christianity and Antisemitism
Dr. Ron Schleifer

The Western, largely Christian world today has long been synonymous with tolerance: in general, Antisemitism is mainly a fringe phenomenon, neither popular nor respectable.


The 'New Anti-Semitism'

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Behind the French Elections

Esther Carciente

With an overwhelming majority of 82.21% of the valid vote in his favor, Jacques Chirac won the French presidential elections over le Pen in a landslide victory.
On the surface, it would seem that republican France mobilized against right-wing fascist and revisionist Le Pen, declaring loudly its abhorrence of all he represents.


When Opposition to
is an Elegant Term for Antisemitism

As Israel has been swept by waves of terror attacks over the past two years, there has been a veritable explosion of virulent sentiments and violence against Jewish persons and institutions in the Diaspora. The activity in the US remains primarily media-based, with demonstrations - in Europe it is physical and targeted at Jewish communities and life.













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