You will require one or two video cassettes on David Ben Gurion, the Zionist and statesman. Please note the copyright restrictions apply to you if you are not using materials produced by a Department of the Jewish Agency / WZO. From these, you may wish to develop more specific focus on a number of issues in a youth movement activity. To this end, we bring you a few suggestions for alternative use of the video.

  1. Soundtrack (9 years and upwards)

    Make a soundtrack recording onto a reel or cassette and use for special effects with slides or background to drama; to the time when people are entering the hall and sitting down (choose the appropriate sections); use part of the soundtrack for a trigger in a completely darkened room at the beginning of a group activity (drama or other).

  2. Make your own film (15 and upwards)

    This can be as an activity focus or to provide you with a film to present at an event. For a really good result you will need to have copied the Ben Gurion film onto 3/4 inch (U-matic) cassette to edit in with other material.

Time and equipment

Needless to say, a magnus opus is not made in a day and the more detailed your script, the more "cuts" and the more live filming and overdubbing you use, the longer it will take to write the script, rehearse, film and edit your masterpiece. You will need two sets of video equipment and suitable cords if you do not have access to professional editing equipment maybe with camera, free-standing microphone; someone who can do the tape-to-tape editing, including sound.

Script options

  1. One option is to write a whole new script about one issue and use slides, other films in stock to supplement the materials on this film and so produce a 10 minute short on, say, the message of Zionism and its continuation or the Israel of today and Ben Gurion's part in it.

  2. Find some controversial issues in the film that you wish to raise, write a few two-minute scripts which may incorporate visuals from other sources and so produce a few triggers which would parallel the "dilemma" produced in this kit.

  3. Develop the creative drama to the point where it could be filmed and thus present a "live" film, using the enclosed cassette only as a starting point.

  4. A combination option between the documentary and the interview, with studio scenes and any suitable film being used as illustration. The studio scenes could be enlarged to panel discussions of an issue or could be as modest as using a moderator/"linkman".

    We hope this cassette will enable you to prepare many different activities, including those described below, and provide the beginnings of your own sound library.

    Audio effects for video, slide programmes and silent movies; offstage and background effects for drama and mime; effects for the Auction programme; ideas for additions to the quiz games; songs and materials relevant to games such as Happy Families.

Section One - Speeches (4 Minutes)

  1. Ben Gurion to the UN Commission 1947 (English)

    "Believes that the only solution is an independent Jewish state and peace with Arabs."

  2. UN vote on Partition (English)

  3. Ben Gurion before Independence

    "Difficult days ahead; soon there will be an independent state."

  4. Ben Gurion reads the Declaration of Independence

  5. Ben Gurion declares Independence

    "The irrevocability of the UN Resolution and the time is now."

  6. Ben Gurion on Jewishness/Israeli identity (English)

    "First I'm a Jew."

  7. Ben Gurion defends his policies

    "I've always known what the people needed and fought for it."

Section Two - Sound Effects

  1. Applause and whistles of large crowd
  2. Laughter and applause - audience
  3. Good-humoured applause - audience
  4. Children playing outside and talking (any language)
  5. Man screams (twice)
  6. Heartbeats
  7. Telephone rings in office with background conversation (continental ring)
  8. Sheep
  9. Cows
  10. Gunfire from positions in war (no machine guns)
  11. Loud explosion
  12. Small explosion and collapsing debris.
  13. Tanks on the move (maybe also for tractors)
  14. Muezzin calls to prayer from the Mosque of Omar
  15. Slapstick comedy music (long)
  16. Melodramatic piano music (long)

Section Three - Israeli Music

  1. Se'u Tziona (band and audience). Good for 1st and 2nd Aliyot (see Bekol Ram)
  2. Mi Yivne Bayit (singers and audience with band). 3rd and 4th Aliyot and Happy Families game
  3. Kinneret (flute solo, long). Good for 2nd Aliya, etc., mime
  4. Ba'a Menukha Layage'a (woodwind and the audience gradually joins in). 2nd Aliya onwards
  5. Layla Mistare'a (band only), 2nd Aliya and onwards' dance music
  6. Shir HaPalmach (bass singer and woodwind), War of Independence
  7. Hen Efshar (Shoshana Damari), War of Independence (see Bekol Ram)
  8. Lekh Lamidbar (group and soft band) Negev
  9. Hatikva (orchestra and large choir) (see Bekol Ram)
  10. Hatikva (Orchestra alone)




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