• A vigil for the victims of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting held in Karmiel-Misgav in northern Israel, which is partnered with Pittsburgh through Partnership2Gether.

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In Partnership with Pittsburgh: A Message of Solidarity from Karmiel-Misgav in Northern Israel

In the wake of the horrific massacre in Pittsburgh, expressions of support and solidarity have poured in from Jewish communities across the United States, across Israel and around the world, and especially from Pittsburgh’s partnership region of Karmiel-Misgav in northern Israel.

Pittsburgh and Karmiel-Misgav have shared deep communal and personal connections through The Jewish Agency for Israel’s Partnership2Gether (P2G) platform for more than 20 years.

Last week, a memorial service in Karmiel’s Culture Hall drew 200-300 people. Among those who attended were Israeli participants of the many programs shared with Pittsburgh, local families who have provided home hospitality to their counterparts from Pennsylvania, and 35 visitors from Pittsburgh, who happened to be on missions to Israel when the attack occurred.

At the ceremony, the outgoing Mayor of Karmiel, Adi Eldar, said that his final act as Mayor had been to sign an order for a permanent memorial to be erected in Karmiel in memory of the victims at Tree of Life. “The Jewish community in Pittsburgh have always stood by us,” he said. “I’m sorry that the last event that I’m taking part in as Mayor is this sad event.”

The memorial ceremony also included songs by the Karmiel Conservatory Choir, addresses by the respective mayors of Karmiel and Misgav and by members of the partnership’s Israeli Steering Committee, members of the delegations, and a representative of the P2G Global Council. Jewish Agency Chairman, Isaac Herzog, joined via video, as did Debbie and Josh Resnik, the co-chairs of the Partnership in Pittsburgh. The program also included a presentation of photographs taken throughout Israel with expressions of love and support, gathered by local volunteers.

Beyond Karmiel-Misgav, the leaders of other partnerships across Israel have held memorial services, sent videos and pictures with heartfelt expressions of solidarity. There has also been an outpouring of emotional messages on social media. Andrea Arbel, Director of the Partnership Unit, said “at this sad juncture in time, the Jewish community of Pittsburgh has become the singular community of all 46 partnerships. In the words of Rabbi Jeffrey Myers of the Tree of Life congregation, ‘you can cut off some branches – but the tree will continue to grow.’”

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This story was reported by Sarah Bronson for The Jewish Agency for Israel


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