Jewish Social Action Programs

  • Youth Futures: Mentoring for At-Risk Children

    Each Youth Futures mentor works with 16 at-risk children over the course of three years, teaching skills for academic improvement and social integration that last a lifetime.

  • Students at Nitzana on a desert hike
    Nitzana Educational Eco-Village

    A cutting-edge desert community and educational center that fosters environmentalism, tolerance, and self-confidence. Nitzana is home to many Jewish Agency Social Activism projects.

  • Ben Yakir Youth Village students
    Youth Villages

    The Jewish Agency's Youth Villages provide highly cost-effective boarding school settings for youth with severe emotional, behavioral and family problems.

  • Fund For The Victims Of Terror
    Fund For The Victims Of Terror

    The Fund for the Victims of Terror provides Israel’s terror victims with direct, immediate financial assistance after an attack.

  • Emergency Assistance for Wildfire Victims