Simulation Games

  • Pharaoh's daughter and her servants - to rescue Moses or not?
  • To leave Egypt or not? (During the plague of darkness, those who did not want to leave Egypt died.)
  • When the Israelites standing by the Red Sea saw the Egyptians approaching, four policies were advocated by different groups:
    Let us jump into the sea.
    Let us return to Egypt.
    Let us fight them.
    Let us cry out against them.

    Divide into four groups and prepare position papers in 2 minutes! Choose a representative and regroup to hear the arguments for each choice. Take a vote and discuss.


Preparate a relief map of Eretz Yisrael, Egypt and the Sinai Peninsula. While learning, the students can mark the places where major events occurred in connection with:

the emigration of Jacob and his family,
the settlement in Goshen,
the later settlement in Egypt ('the country became full of them'),
the splitting of the Red Sea,
the trek through the desert,
entry into Eretz Yisrael.

A similar map can be copied on a smaller scale for the students.

Preparation of a historical newspaper

Suggested Themes: Preparation for departure from Egypt. The Exodus. The Egyptians chasing after the Israelites. The splitting of the Red Sea.


Suggested Themes:

Preparation for departure.
The departure.
The Israelites by the Red Sea with the Egyptians chasing them.
The Song of the Sea.





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