Three matzot Two for lehem mishneh [illustration] and one for lehem oni.__________________________________________________________________________Shankbone In memory of the [illustration] Pesach sacrifice, offered in the Temple.__________________________________________________________________________Egg In memory of the Haggigah [illustration] sacrifice offered in the Temple.__________________________________________________________________________Maror In memory of the bitter life [illustration](Bitter Herbs) of the Israelites in Egypt.__________________________________________________________________________Haroset In memory of the 'cement' [illustration] used by the Israelites in building work for the Egyptians.__________________________________________________________________________Karpas Reference to the barley [illustration](Greens) harvest festival, and so that children should ask!

Exercises for younger children:

Make a transparency or a wall chart from this table.

Use as a memory game by putting items on a Seder plate and covering them with a cloth after 30 seconds. You can add other items, such as: wine cup, salt water, Elijah's cup, copy of the Haggadah, by setting them all on a larger tray -- this will give 10 items in all.

Participants have one minute to write down as many items as they can remember. Everyone gets one point per correct answer.

Whoever has the most points then has to explain aloud the meaning of any one item to double their score. Anyone else who can explain another two items correctly can double their score.

A third person who can explain a further three items correctly can double their score.

A fourth person who can explain the last four items correctly can double their score.





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