1. For what purpose did Moses go up the mountain from the first of Ellul through the tenth of Tishrei ?
2. 'The forty days from the first of Ellul to Yom Kippur are a time of acceptance to G-d.'
(a) Why just this period ?
(b) Explain 'a time of acceptance to G-d'.
(c) What do we have to do during this period ?
3. 'If the Shofar blown in a town, will the people not tremble ?' (Amos 3:6).
(a) How does this verse explain one of the reasons for blowing the Shofar during Ellul ?
(b) Do you know any other reasons for doing so ?
4. What is the difference between the 'customary' blowings of the Shofar and the 'obligatory' blowings (Rosh Hashanah') ?
5. Why is the Shofar not blown on the day before Rosh Hashanah ?
6. Why do people who are particular check tefillin and mezzuzot during Ellul ?
7. 'Ellul' is an Aramaic word meaning 'exploring' or 'investigating'. What do we investigate during Ellul ?
8. There are three cases where ELLUL occurs as an acronym (see the Hebrew). What do we learn from these three references to Ellul ?
9. Ellul is the last month of the year.
(a) Write a list of good deeds you have done during the year.
(b) What things do you feel need improvement, and how ?







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