Amira Ahronoviz Director-General

Amira Aharonovich
In December 2018, Amira Ahronoviz was appointed as the first ever woman CEO and Director General of The Jewish Agency.
Amira holds an MA in Business Management and is a graduate of the Mandel Educational Leadership Institute in Jerusalem. Amira has been working for more than 22 years at The Jewish Agency for Israel in various roles in the field and later on in management positions – namely as Regional Director of The Jewish Agency’s Loan Funds, Director of Partnership Regions, Director of Budget and Finance for 8 years, VP for Strategy and Planning and as the Deputy Director General & COO – leading organization-wide strategic and programmatic development and operations, and supervising all the program units and the worldwide operations of the organization.
Five years ago, Amira took a two-year break from The Jewish Agency in order to participate in the ‘Mandel’ Educational Leadership Institute’s Fellowship program where her major research area was “Social Impact Investing,” which she believes holds immense potential to address the most pressing social challenges via innovative financial vehicles. As an outcome of this fellowship, Amira and The Jewish Agency team are currently developing Crowd.IL – a digital platform that would employ such instruments for addressing social gaps in Israeli society, as well as advance the strategic goal of connecting world Jewry to Israel, with an emphasis on the younger generation.
Amira is a mother of 3 children, lives in Mazkeret Batya and is a member of the “Keshet” Community – an urban community of religious and secular Jews which run a joint education system as part of shared community life with pluralistic vision. She is active in the community for the last 12 years, since its formation, in various volunteer capacities, and is formerly a member of the executive board of the association.