Iafi Shpirer Member of the Board of Governors

Ms. Iafi Shpirer was born in Argentina and made Aliyah to Israel in 1977. She lives with her family in Qibbutz Nitzanim. Iafi has a Master degree in Public Administration from Clark University and a B. Ed. in Creative Education from the Seminar Haqibbutzim in Tel Aviv. She studied many courses and programs in the area of Pedagogy and Teaching.

Iafi Shpirer has a rich experience in teaching, in Psychodrama Guiding, personal and organizational empowerment and ethical education and in selction and training of emissaries. In the past she has served as an emissary of the Zionist Youth Youth movement to Argentina.

Iafi Sphirer served as a Committee Member since October 2002. In June 2018 she was appointed member of the Board.