Karen Dombey Committee Member

Karen Lapco Dombey was born in the US, but raised in Caracas, Venezuela, as part of the very active Jewish Community there. She emigrated to South Florida in 2004, with her husband and four children, where she started volunteering, mostly at the David Posnack Jewish Day School. After 2 years as a Board member, she was invited to Chair of the Board of Trustees at Posnack School, between 2011 and 2013, leading the institution during a transformational stage of its history.

She currently sits on the Board of the Jewish Federation of Broward County, where she chairs the Israel Education Committee that coordinates the efforts of the Jewish Agency P2P Partnership program with Broward County and Nesher.

Karen is a 1987 graduate of the Universidad of Central de Venezuela, Caracas Venezuela with a Bachelor of Science in Media, Communications and Journalism. She is a committee member since June 2018.