Kimball Taylor Committee Member

Dr. Kimball Taylor is a Family Practice/ER physician who recently retired after serving the people of southern Alberta in Canada for nearly 40 years.
He received a B.Sc. degree in biochemistry and MD degree from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, and then completed a residency in Family Practice at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton and the Cardston General Hospital. 
In addition, he holds a Masters Degree in Jewish Studies from the Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies in Chicago, with an emphasis on Modern-day Israel.
Dr. Taylor is the founder and President of The Children of Israel Foundation, a Christian/Jewish Organization whose goal is to bless those in need within Israel and to facilitate Aliyah from throughout the Diaspora. For his outstanding work, the City of Jerusalem dedicated a park to honor him and his wife in the name of “Kim and Marianne Taylor Park.”
A nationally renowned speaker, Dr. Taylor has spoken nationwide across the United States and Canada about the history of Israel and its present day needs. He has attended JAFI meetings regularly since 2006 and has worked closely with several Mayors of Jerusalem, members of Knesset, and Jewish leaders worldwide. He remains firmly committed to serving Israel and the Jewish people throughout the world.